Makes 8

Raspberry puree

125g raspberries
2 tablespoons caster sugar

Blackberry puree

125g blackberries
2 tablespoons caster sugar

500g vanilla yoghurt with aBc live cultures

  • To make each puree, separately blend berries and sugar in a food processor, strain through a sieve, set aside.
  • To assemble, pour a few teaspoons of raspberry puree into each 200ml popsicle mould, do the same with the yoghurt and then the blackberry puree to give 3 layers. Repeat sequence to create more layers.
  • Gently swirl the layers with a wooden skewer. Cover moulds, insert sticks and freeze for 2 hours or until frozen.

Recipe & image courtesy of Horticulture Innovation Australia & Fresh Aussie Raspberries and Blackberries. See: for more information & recipe ideas.