Why are we lacking energy? Athletes understand the importance of nutrition to drive performance.  They have a team to work with them to optimise their nutrition, sleep and how they feel and live, because performance on-field is their job.

Most of us live our lives off-field and try to do the best we can, but we are often tired and lacking in energy.  And when we are tired, our mood, our  brain power and strength suffers and we struggle to get as much out of our bodies. Then we crave less nutritious options and make poor food choices.

Food provides units of energy in the form of kilojoules and we need a minimum amount of them to perform basic functions. And the more physical activity we do, the more we need.

Macronutrients are found in all foods but not all kilojoules are equal. Certain foods provide more vitamins and minerals and are more nutrient-dense than others…some foods give you a short burst of energy but leave you feeling tired.

The skill is in the balance – and understanding what you need and how to eat great food that gives you the energy you need to live well.


Is lack of time a major problem when it comes to eating well?


The fact is most of us don’t have time to cook every day…it’s not because we are lazy, or don’t know how or even that we don’t enjoy it…we just don’t have time.  And it’s not just the cooking, it’s the shopping and planning and the dreaded cleaning up! Some will argue that we don’t MAKE the time, but let’s have a look at some of the facts:


Did you realise:


  • On average we spend 41 minutes on a shopping trip and we do it 1.5 to 3 times a week which is over 53 hours per year spent, or 135 visits to the supermarket.
  • We spend longer on weekends than weekdays and most of our mad dash to the shops happens on the way home from work.
  • More women than men do this and more women make lists too. The average age of all shoppers is 35- 44…when we are the busiest and the most over-burdened with home/work comittments.
  • We buy vegetables more than once a week.  But we don’t eat them!  93% or Aussies don’t eat enough vegetables. That means we have good intentions and want to eat better, we just don’t always have the time to prepare and cook healthy food OR be bothered doing the dishes!!
  • On average 2 hours and 8 minutes per day is spent cooking and cleaning up.  Aussies spend 6.1 hours per week cooking (imagine what you could do with 6.1 hours more a week??…what would you give to have that!?)

Not surprisingly, the average Aussie orders four times a week from one of the 17,000 fast food outlets around the country.

Most of us feel we simply can’t plan and shop and prepare healthy meals every day.  And we are not in the position of most professional athletes who have their energy and sleep and nutrition monitored, planned and adjusted on a daily basis…we just keep chasing out tails.


Is there an easy answer?


The food business I’m involved with, Dineamic, started with a simple vision: to power people through nutritious meals.  A chef, a footballer and a sports dietitian (me) got together and created a range of chef-made, nutritious, packaged food for athletes that would do just that.  We continue to feed many athletes from different sports codes and  people who are into fitness

But the business has grown through word of mouth and now has many customers who simply want great tasting, quality meals, but who do not have the time to shop, chop, cook and prepare them every night of the week. They want beautifully-balanced nutrition made easy, from people they trust. And they want the convenience of home delivery.

That’s where my role comes in.  All Dineamic meals are well-balanced and made to fuel you with the nutritional power experienced by athletes across Australia. But without all the prep.  And instead of loading up on salt and fat, we use spices and herbs to push taste, without sacrificing health, and use nothing but the freshest ingredients.

Dineamic food is all about making you feel better, through better nutrition and great tasting meals you can trust are truly good for you. Whether you’re after a snack on the go, a nutritious lunch at work, or a healthy dinner for the whole family.

We have a small team of dietitians and nutritionists at Dineamic who understand that different people have different dietary requirements, so we can cater for people wanting gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and fructose-friendly options. Take a look at our menu options: